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Roofing Shingles - Which type of shingle is right for you?

The top five roofing shingles that we commonly install are: Asphalt, Cedar Wood Shake, Slate Tile, Clay Tiles, and Wood Shingles. Regardless of what may have been on your roof in the past we have a solution that will best suit your current needs.

Roofing Shingles- what can the experts tell us about our needs for the right type of roofing solution?

Wait a minute, this is the third roof shingle that I found in my yard and it looks just like the ones I have on my roof! Finding loose shingles from your roof is not uncommon after a severe storm or high winds. You may also find shingles in your yard and in your gutters over time as your roof ages.

You might wonder what is the best thing to do after finding out that shingles are coming loose from your roof?  You need to explore the different options that you have after discovering that shingles are coming off your roof. If you have a older roof it may be time for a roof replacement. 


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Whether your roof is old or new you will need a roofer that is highly competent in the field and is also a contractor that you can trust.  The right roofer will help you find a shingle material that will last for decades to come and leave you with a complete peace of mind.

Just be sure that you have  complete confidence in the contractor,  and a full comprehension of any agreements and work to be done before you sign any paperwork with a contractor. 

A roofing project is a major deal that you never want to make a decision on that will leave you living with a new roof or a roof repair that is still leaking after the work is completed!

The major factors when choosing roofing material

Budget – shingles can differ greatly in price based on availability and quality. The cost of having shingles installed can vary significantly, and also any repairs to the material type that you choose could vary in price as well.

Weight – Every home is different in structure and ability to accommodate the weight of roofing material. Our company will advise you on the proper roof for your home.

Quality – Higher quality roofing material will minimize future maintenance cost and problems after the installation.

Durability – Florida weather will significantly test the integrity of your new roof. The choice that you accept for your new roof will need to meet or exceed the fortitude that is found throughout your neighborhood that has stood the test of time in the Florida environment. 

Style – functionality is a key factor in choosing a roof material however, the style should not be taken for granted. A very important factor is to consider whether your home association has restrictions on the style of roof that you choose.

To get the absolute best assistance with choosing the right product for your new roof give Longwood Roofing Pros a call 407.305.7111 or submit your inquiry on our web form now. Please do not delay, because the best price and selection of roofing materials always goes to the early shopper!

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