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Do Your Gutters Need TLC in Longwood Florida?

Longwood Roofing Pros is your number 1 source for all of your Gutter work.  Let us know about any problem with gutters and we will handle it! We specialize in gutter repair,  installation,  seamless gutters or not, we are the experts that are glad to help.   

Seamless Gutter Installation for Longwood Florida


Seamless Gutters? You might be asking what they are?  The latest technology that is being used to fabricate gutters for your home includes a process of pressing the gutters from a roll of sheet metal and custom making the gutters without any breaks or cuts in the full length.

To see how a seamless gutter is made might resemble how some spaghetti pasta is made with one long string with 1 beginning and 1 end. The process of making gutters without seams or joints makes the gutters leak free.

Seamless Gutters are like the Rolls Royce of guttering systems.  They look more attractive than the old clanky ones that you may still see today on some homes. They are easily capable of channeling 99% of the water that is coming from your roof without any leaks.

Gutter installation, how is it done?

If you have never seen the process of custom gutters being made it is actually a pretty neat thing to see. Basically, there are three phases that are involved with putting new gutters on a home or house. The three phases are planning, performing, and installation is the third phase.


Choosing almost any task to perform is best done with careful planning. This is the first and most crucial step for a successful gutter installation. It requires choosing the right materials for the job which includes the desired styles, colors, and total dimensions of the area in which the gutters will be installed. Our clients have to be involved in the process of getting the planning phase right the first time in order to achieve the desired results.

Pre forming 

Phase 2 begins only after completing Phase 1 which was planning the entire guttering project.  We use a professional gutter making machine that is very expensive to own and operate. We start with a flat piece of metal that comes on a roll. Our machine is preset to press the metal into the shape and length that we desire. The flat metal material is fed into the machine and out of the other side comes a long continuous stretch of guttering.


The third and final phase in this guttering process is attaching the gutter in place on the home. Special hangers that are very difficult to see are used to hang gutters to help maintain a beautifully seamless look. Seamless Gutters do not use bolts or screws to anchor them in place because using such fasteners would cause rusting and damage to the gutter itself. The end result would be leaking and taking away from the aesthetic look of the gutter.

Can I do gutter repair myself?

Gutters are similar to automobiles in some ways! They require maintenance to keep them performing optimally. When we drive our car for several seasons the tendency of engine sluggishness and low fuel economy creeps into our attention. We then turn to tune ups to have the performance brought back up to standards. 

Likewise the gutters on our home have to be maintained. If we don’t do regular maintenance on our gutters they will begin to leak, sag, and rust out. Repairs can be made by resealing leaky joints with caulking and patched up damaged areas.

In order to make repairs on your gutters they must be cleaned out thoroughly and allowed to dry completely. Now that you have properly prepared the surfaces, caulking can be added to seams that leak, and patches can be installed where holes are developing. Be sure to plan carefully in order to get the best results by avoiding rainy weather days during the repairs and right after the repair work is completed. You would not want all of the hard work that was put into your gutters to get washed away on the same day that you did the installation.

Is routine gutter cleaning essential?

Gutter cleaning is essential and it will be based upon where you live and the types of debris that gets into your gutters. If you live in an area where you don’t get a lot of leaves and other debris in your gutters it is recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice a year.  In some areas cleaning your gutters will be required more often than twice a year simply because your gutters will become clogged with leaves and other debris more frequently.

Do you notice any areas on your gutters where the paint is fading or missing? If you have aluminum gutters you may paint them with 100% oil base acrylic paint. You will want to make sure that the paint is ammonia-free for aluminum. Vinyl gutters are not designed to be painted,  so if you have major problems with the colors or the look of your vinyl gutters they will probably have to be replaced.

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