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Rubber Roofs For Commercial Buildings Are Hot in Longwood,Fl

Has the buzz about rubber roofs gotten you curious about the benefits of going rubber? Just know that you have an expert company in the field of rubber roofs here to guild you and supply all of your roofing needs.

7 Reasons You Might Consider A EPDM Rubber Roof



Are you considering a rubber roof for your flat roof commercial building?  We know that you want the best roof that is available on the market today. More and more buildings are successfully being fitted with rubber roofs today!  Are you in need of a full roof replacement? If you are thinking seriously about this decision, then you need to consider the benefits of having a new rubber roof installed on your building. 

Rubber roofs are increasing in popularity and they now offer a wide variety of colors and styles. You will also discover that rubber roofing is extremely strong and durable. They are also very attractive because they are more affordable than alternative options. 

#1. Affordable – The advances in technology that produces the materials used in rubber roofing has made it very possible for wholesalers and retailers to offer a very cost-efficient product to the market. The cost of installing a rubber roof on your building is less than most other products that are available today.

#2. Cost Effective – Rubber roofs (EPDM) are very energy efficient  because they act as an insulator to your building by keeping the inside temperature from escaping through the roof. The heat from the sun is reflected away from the roof by the rubber. 

#3. Eco-Friendly –  Rubber roof material in most cases is fully recyclable and can follow similar stages that the aluminum can does. The can goes from molten metal to a useful container for beverages. Both materials have a life cycle and when it is no longer needed it is reclaimed and processed back into the original useful state. 

#4. Rubber Repels Water – Rubber has always been one of the number one substances used to seal out water or moisture. We depend on rubber boots and raincoats to keep us dry in wet weather. Our rooftops are not any different when it comes to the idea of keeping rain water and moisture out of our buildings and structures.

#5. Rubber is Decorative – The options that are available for choosing stylish looking rubber roofing is as follows to date: They are Black, White, Slate Gray, Cedar, and Pastels which include Light Yellow, Green, Orange, and Blue.

#6. Low Maintenance – EPDM rubber roofs are practically maintenance free. Weather conditions will always play a role and how much maintenance and time should be spent cleaning and checking the roof of any building damages and debris. Typically a rubber roof will only need to be inspected twice a year for many years after it has been installed. When a rubber roof is very old and has recently been through a severe storm it should be checked for any potential damage, and for the collection of rubble.

#7. Low Maintenance Fire-resistant Rubber roofs (EPDM) are mostly fire-resistant and help slow down the spread of flames from a fire inside of a building. Lightning strikes will not cause a fire on this type of roof, and it is resistant to all forms of fire that normally would cause a serious problem to other types of roofs.

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