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Best Flat Roof Repair and installation in longwood, Fl

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Flat Roof Repair for Longwood Florida


A Frequently forgotten component of any house or commercial building, by its owner, is the roof. When a property is constructed some of the components get critical consideration because of the level of importance that the part plays in the whole of the structure. The roof is our focus here. It keeps everything dry, covered and protected from rain and other elements that could enter the building and cause major problems. Cosmetically, a roof can have a very gorgeous style and design. 

 Flat roofs have become extremely important in today’s modern world. They are very often a resting place for crucial mechanical equipment that makes the building habitable. They are made with waterproof components that allow water and other liquids to drain away from the roof.

Our company is proud to be a leader in flat roof repair and roof replacement services as well as drainage systems to all our clients in the city of Longwood Florida and surrounding areas.

Flat roof repair services


Longwood Roofing provides fully experienced and licensed professionals to handle all of your flat roof repair and renovation needs. We have the best and latest technology and materials to ensure that your new roof is less susceptible to premature damage. Over the years our clients have enjoyed many years of worry free protection that is provided by a new flat roof installation. 

Your roof may need repairs and not a full replacement. We specialize in restoring a damaged roof to the best condition possible. We fix the cracks that have formed in your roof. We solve leaks, roof surface deterioration, and much more.

Flat Roof Replacement Procedures

We begin by conducting rigorous tests and inspection of your flat roof. During our investigation certain signs will lead us to the right determination of what procedures need to be followed. The age of the roof is a crucial factor along with damaged flashings, ruptured areas in roofing material, and rotten or ruined materials.

When we have completely evaluated the flat roof a recommendation to replace it will be given if it is warranted. Upon authorization to move forward with the replacement project, our team will mobilize, remove all old material and install a magnificent new roof. All of the critical components for the flat roof such as: waterproofing, surface support, insulation, nailed beams and more are included with the installation.

How often should a flat roof be replaced?

Flat roof replacement for an average roof is recommended every 10 to 15 years depending on the quality of the roofing material used, and weather conditions of the location.

How many layers does a flat roof have?

The number of layers on a flat roof will vary significantly based upon the type of material that is being used to install the roof. Most asphalt shingle roofs will have a total of 2 layers.  There are a number of newer roofing materials that may be layered many times over 2 layers. 

If you have a flat roof that is giving you some type of problem whether it be small leaks, or major big ones throughout the entire roof, then get in touch with  Longwood Roofing Pros for your best option.  Experience the highest quality and longest lasting roofing solutions.

What is a flat roof coating?

It is essential to apply a top quality flat roof coating because flat roofs are prone to problems with water drainage, expansion from heat or cold, and climate changes. The most popular types of roof coatings are acrylic, polyurethane,  asphalt, and silicone.

These different varieties of roof coatings must be used in accordance to the conditions that challenge the roofing structure.

Steps to apply flat roof coating

We start by cleaning the entire flat roof. In some cases the roof may be power washed.  Next, we choose the appropriate coating for the roof. The coating is usually a liquid that we have to spread over the roof. So step 3 will be applying the coating throughout the entire roof giving special attention to vents, pipes, chimneys, etc. Finally, we install the rubber membrane by measuring and cutting it to the appropriate  dimensions.

How often should flat roof coating be done?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how often a flat roof should be coated.  A professional roofer will make a determination based upon the materials used on the roof combined with the climate and  weather conditions that it is exposed to. A safe rough estimate for most new installations would be to recoat a roof every 5 years.

A Flat Roof Drainage System

Roofing is a holistic service that requires a systematic plan be implemented into every part of the design. A properly functioning drainage system will prevent costly property damage due to the presence of standing water. Every installation that we do has a complete drainage system plan that we install to help prevent the appearance of mold, pest, erosion, humidity and also gutter problems.

How is flat roof leak repair done properly?

There are very many tricks of the trade in order to locate leaks in a roof. The problem that most roofing companies face is that finding leaks in a roof is very tricky and sophisticated. Water travels in many different directions making any one leak have multiple water sources supplying the leak. The truth is that even after many years of experience no roofing company can be 100 percent certain to find and fix every leaky roof in a single attempt. 

Longwood Roofing Pros has an above average record of finding leaks quickly and with accuracy. Our practice is to conduct a roof inspection and apply a variety of methods to pinpoint the exact location of a leak. To have us help with any of your roofing needs, give us a call or fill out the form on this website now!

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