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Commercial Roofs are the cornerstone of a commercial building. A structurally sound roof is completely waterproof and has a very appealing exterior appearance. It protects everything below it from rain, winds, and any other weather conditions. Historically, Florida is a tough state to maintain a completely sound commercial roof. A variety of factors come into play for every roof in Longwood Florida particularly commercial roofs.


Florida weather beams down extreme heat, high winds, torrential rain and hail upon buildings across our land. These extreme conditions will cause roof leaks or eventual disintegration of a commercial roof. The highest quality roofing materials will not last forever when exposed to these extreme weather conditions. We highly recommend that every 6 months a complete inspection and necessary maintenance of the entire roofing system be performed to ensure that it functions flawlessly throughout its service days.

Types of commercial Roof Systems

A brief look into the variety of commercial roofing systems available on the market today will expose a very broad number of materials at our disposal. Here are some of the most common and the leading types being used today.

Metal Roofing

This is the granddaddy of all commercial roofing components. Whether it be steel, aluminum or some other lightweight metal material, they have been around for many decades, and are all easy to fit over the top of existing roofing material. Metal roofing offers a very wide variety of styles and colors that include:

  • Layout – custom colors that match all building designs.
  • Durability – withstands wind gusts, pounding rain and snow.
  • Conserves Power – holds the sun’s heat energy to help warm the building
  • Nonflammable – most metals are fire resistance and unlikely to be damaged by fire

1 Ply Membrane

Well established and tested on commercial, and industrial buildings. Single – Ply Roofing Membrane has stood the test of time. Synthetics and other rubber components are manufactured into sheets that makeup this roofing material. This type of 1 ply membrane is most useful for:

  • Longevity – A 30 plus year roof life is typical with this material.
  • Accepted – been around forever. 1 ply roofing membrane is also called EPDM.
  • Insulation – Is not provided with the membrane and must be selected separately.
  • Fire rating – Constructed with fire inhibitors and have a Class A fire rating.
  • Efficiency – White color repels the sun and black absorbs and stores heat.

Built up roofing

BUR is the abbreviation for this type of material. Most sloped flat roofs will have this type installed dating back over 100 years. 

  • Lengthy Life expectancy – 40 years or more of service expectancy with proper care.
  • Flawless Design – Joints and sections are eliminated by design which defeats leaks.
  • Sun Rays – Ultraviolet rays are reflected away from the roof.
  • Trouble Free – Super easy to care for and worry free.

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