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    The most recognized and essential part of any home is the roof. You may often hear  that a house must be built upon a strong Foundation. Longwood Florida residents face a customary challenge of high winds and rain. Therefore it is  highly important to have an extremely strong and sturdy roof on your home. Rest assure that we are the premier roofers in Longwood Florida.  



    The leaders of Longwood roofing pros have believed for more than 50 years that serving our local neighbors with the absolute best workmanship possible is our number one priority. We begin with the most professional, experienced, and trustworthy roofers in Longwood Florida. You will get friendly, well certified roofers with many years of experience working for you. Your roofing project will get the absolute best care and attention. The same commitment and treatment that is given to our own homes.

    It does not matter what kind of roofing problem that you are facing we have the solution! Leaky roof repairs complete roof removal and install, New roof Construction, and more. our expert team can spot the cause of a roof leak with amazing accuracy. We conduct roof inspections exceedingly thorough so that your time and money invested in your roof will receive the best possible outcome. Roof replacement is severe work that must be done properly by a highly-skilled roofing contractor. You can count on Longwood Roofing pros to get the job done right, on time, and for the best price.

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    Why are roofers in Longwood Florida a better choice than other roofers from other areas?

    Why are roofers in Longwood Florida a better choice than other roofers from other areas?

    There is a pride, experience, and knowledge that sets apart any company coming into the Longwood Florida area seaking to work on the types of roofs in Florida.

    You may find many roofers listed in the Longwood Florida area. Be very selective about what Roof repair company you choose. Make sure that the company you choose is licensed, insured, and bonded. The Longwood Florida Community is recommended, to work with a local roofing contractor for the best results. Companies that are just coming in through our local area, from out of town can leave you stuck with many problems. It can be very difficult trying to track down a company that is not based in your local area.

    Our Specialization

    Longwood Roofing Pros is dedicated to give our local community with the absolute highest quality service and products.

    Roof Replacement

    Experts at complete roof tear offs, and rebuild.

    Roof Redesign​

    Creative additions that add new value, space and appearance.

    Roof Repair

    Many, many successful projects. Expert Roofers.

    Roofing Materials

    Highly qualified professionals selecting the right types products for your roofing project.

    The telltale signs of a great roofing contractor in Longwood Florida stands out from all the rest.

    There are approximately 6500 houses in the Longwood Florida area. Therefore, it is fair to say that there are more rooftops than houses. Garages, sheds and carports often have roofs as well. Many years of being a premier roofing contractor in Longwood Florida, we have seen just about every possible problem that you could imagine.

    Loose shingles could be the cause of a roof leak. Aging sun baked and wind beaten roofs are often the signs associated with roof replacement. Trees that have overgrown onto a roof that have raked and beaten the shingles until a hole is worn in. Older homes sometimes settle and present problems as well. It is not uncommon for animals like possums, squirrels and raccoons to cause roof damage as well.

    Do you have areas in your home where the walls are bubbled up from the top down? The moisture behind the paint can be a sign of a roof problem. Tile roofs can last a long time, however there is not any roofing material that will last forever. Do you see water stains on the floor in your home or on items within your home? It might be signs of water leaking in through your ceiling.

    Making the best selection from the roofing contractors in Longwood Florida

    Whether it is you or someone that you know, that has a roof problem. Choosing among right roofing contractors in Longwood Florida is a very important decision. Large companies can sometimes get the job done. Everything may or may not turn out very well. The problem is that large roofing companies have big budgets and high overhead that they typically pass on to their clients.

    Your small to medium-sized company that is locally owned and operated has a smaller budget and lower overhead and strong ties to the local community is typically the better choice. Companies like Longwood roofing pros fits right in this category. We are happy and proud to serve you on all of your roofing needs.

    Roof repairs vs roof replacement which is right for your home?

    Please don’t let anyone persuade you into thinking that roof repairs are less important than roof replacement. Both types of work require very careful consideration, highly professional skills, experience and expertise. A complete and thorough roof inspection needs to be done in order to determine weather are not the roof can just be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

    The roof inspection will require that the contractor get up on the roof walk from end-to-end of the roof checking for soft spots. A list of weaknesses should be made from visual observation while walking the roof. When this process is complete an accurate determination of whether to replace the roof or repair the roof can be made. Never allow a roofing company to sell you anything without this type of through inspection of your roof.

    Are the types of roofs in Longwood Florida different from other states?

    The type of roofs in Florida may be different from those found in other states. You can relax and take comfort in knowing that Longwood Roofing Pros has a large team of professional roofers that live and work right here in Longwood Florida. They are very familiar with the types of roofs that you have on your home or business right here in sunny Florida.

    The right roofing contractor should let you know that building codes in Longwood Florida do require particular roofing materials be installed. You will find that most homes in Longwood Florida have shingles, and that their are 6 popular types of roofs that are installed on homes in Longwood Florida.

    1 shingle roofs
    2 clay roofs
    3 wood shakes roofs
    4 concrete tile roofs
    5 slate roofs
    6 metal roofs

    These types of roofs each have their own strengths and weaknesses. A steel or metal roof is very strong and long-lasting, however it is very expensive and surprisingly not the best roof for hurricanes. Most metal roofs are fire resistant and require very little maintenance.

    A slate roof is very stylish and it handles Florida weather such as heavy rain and hurricane winds very well. This type of roof is low maintenance and it comes in a wide variety colors. The downside to this type of roof is that slate is very heavy and is very expensive.

    A concrete roof is made out of fiber reinforced concrete. They can be easily confused with slate or clay roof shingles by the way they look. They are very durable and low maintenance. They are more reasonably priced than metal, clay or slate roofs.

    A wood Shake roof has a natural look that is very attractive. They are made of wood therefore they require a lot of maintenance. They are energy efficient because they insulate the house very well. Most of these types of shingles are prone to fire. There are some that are fire resistant, however your cost will go up as you add features to the type that you purchase.

    A clay roof looks good and usually adds prestige to the home. It is very durable and long-lasting. The price for clay roofing is competitive. It is fire resistant but it does require regular maintenance. This type of roofing is very heavy and it can also be very fragile. The price of this type of roof can go up quickly based on the quality of the shingles. Some shingles tend to lose their color over time. Be careful not to buy those that lose their color.

    A shingle roof is very common in Longwood Florida. There are many different types and colors of this type of shingle. The asphalt shingle is a favorite. There are some reasons not to have this type of roof in Longwood Florida because high winds will usually blow the shingles off the roof. If you don’t mind finding your singles and reinstalling them on your roof then there is upside to the fact that they are relatively affordable and this is probably why you see them very often on homes in Longwood Florida.

    In sum total, Longwood Roofing Pros hopes that you found something of value while reading this information. You will always have a friend in the roofing business when you look to us for help,  Feel totally free to call, text, or fill out a form to get in touch with us today.  You do not have to go at it alone because making these tough decisions about your roof can be very Intimidating and difficult. The highest quality assistance is just a call away.